Letters of Intent

Pray listen Stierbach. The year grows long. The days grow cold. The time soon comes that the Baronial seats will stand empty as Baroness Genefe and Baron Wulff seek retirement. 

It is time for us, the populace of Stierbach, to find our next Baronage. 

All interested are welcome, assuming that:

  • They are 18 years of age
  • Paid members in good standing

Letters of intent are due November 11

Please send your letter to:


Include the following information:

  • Full contact information, including SCA & modern names, addresses, phone numbers, email, & membership numbers & expiration date 
  • Reasons for seeking the position
  • Their history of participation in the SCA & the Barony of Stierbach 
  • Their plans for the future of the group 
  • Their understanding of the responsibilities of the position of Baron & Baroness. 
  • Their statement that they are willing to be installed with a three year warrant in the position, & understand their Letter of Intent will be published in the Baronial Newsletter if their candidacy is accepted by the Crown. 

Curious about the responsibilities of the position? Please check Kingdom Law and Policy found here: https://atlantia.sca.org/officers/seneschal/governing-documents/