Baronial Progress


March 23: Defending the Gate (D,C)

March 30: Ponte Alto Investiture (Vienna, VA) (D,C)

April 5-7: Spring Coronation (Elkenberg Castle, Booneville, N.C.) (D,C)

April 13: Storvik Novice Tourney (Storvik, Upper Marlboro, MD)

May 3-5: Spring Crown Tournament (Hidden Mountains, Bennetsville, SC) (D,C)

May 24-27: Ruby Joust (Caer Mear, Ashland, VA) (D Camping, C Daytrip)

June 15: Victory on the Vine (Mountain Run Winery, Culpeper, VA) (D,C)

June 22: Tea with the Baroness (TBD), (C)

July 25 – August 10: Pennsic (Aethelmearc, Slippery Rock, PA) (D,C)

September 14 – Stierbach Baronial Birthday (Mountain Run Winery, Culpeper, VA) (D,C)

October 4-6 – Fall Coronation (TBD) (D,C)

October 13 – 20: War of the Wings (TBD) (D, 3-4 days)

November 1-3: Fall Crown Tournament (TBD) (D,C)

November 16: Holiday Faire Fredericksburg, VA (TBD) (D,C)