Meetings, Practices, and Workshops


Baronial Business Meeting:
Meets: Second Tuesday of the month. Starts at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Online
Contact the for more information.
ALL Are Welcome!
Newcomers Meetings:
New to the Barony? We have some meetings and activities to help introduce you to the SCA.
Contact for more information.



Baronial fighter Practice:
Meets: Every Wednesday, weather allowing, 6:30-9:00
Location: 26 Richland Rd. Fredericksburg, VA, 22406
Please contact for more information on heavy weapons and fencing practices.
Central Stierbach Summer Archery Practice @ Grimmsfield
Meets: March through October, Mondays 5-7pm
Location: Grimmsfield 16132 Crusade Ct. Haymarket, VA 20169
Contact: Miles de Locwode (

Notes: Central Stierbach Archery Practice will be held rain or shine on Mondays through the summer. Grimmsfield is a free range with plenty of loaner gear. Donations will be excepted to the upkeep of the range but are not required. MIT classes can For more information about Grimmsfield, please see

Monday night archery practice at Grimmsfield runs throughout daylight savings time, except during Pennsic, from 5PM until dark. We also will welcome newcomers who are interested in joining the SCA at the same time.

Heavy and Rapier marshals are welcome to run a practice here on Monday’s as well. Please give us a heads up if you plan to do so.

If the weather turns bad we can move inside and work on A&S projects. So if the weather looks questionable, bring your project, and hope for the best.

After the evening actives conclude we will travel to the local pub (Lion & Bull) for dinner.
All are welcome, there is plenty of space for children to run. Please contact us about pets.
Archer/Rapier/Armored Practice: (ON HOLD)
STIERBACH:WEST Archer/Rapier/Armored Practice (year-round OUTDOORS Western parts of Stierbach) Meets: Thursdays 3pm – dark (weather permitting)
Location: Google Map – 75 Aileen Rd, Flint Hill, VA 22627
Contact: Baron Saphir – 703-864-2760

Notes: Archery: Shoot Royal Rounds, target practiced 3D`s on the mini-woods walk!! MiT and Warrant classes possible (PLEASE call/text or email to make prior arrangements). Talk arrows and all things archery! Get arrow building assistance, share target ideas & shoot designs/builds, rules reviews, inspections!! If planning on coming, please try to let us know! Some loaner gear is available, and we’ll share! All bows are welcome, including crossbows! RSVP ( if planning on coming and for directions. All are welcome!* Yes, crossbows too!! The Rapier and Armored practice when required Marshals arrive! Watch (or sign-up on) STIERBACH:WEST A/R/A FaceBook page for range & marshal information. *Minors should be accompanied by a NON-shooting legal guardian)…after all we do use live ammo! Minors are defined as 17 yrs and under.