Baronial Whims

Cynthia Anne of Silver Lakes

Cynthia (…only Cynthia; Cynthia Anne is my I’m-in-Trouble name :D) is a 16th-Century English noblewoman at the court of Henry VIII. Alternately (when it is warm outside!), Cynthia Argyros of Delos is a fifth-century B.C.E. Greek musician. Her favorite colors are cool jewel tones (including garnet), and gold and black (her personal heraldic colors), and her favorite animal is yes! …but especially cats and dogs.

She loves music – especially English Renaissance vocal music! – and scribal and decorative arts, and all kinds of fashion and textiles, and especially enjoys learning about someone’s passion.

Heraldic blazon: Or, a domestic cat passant to sinister and on a chief sable, three bezants.

Preferred Foods:
Sliced bell peppers, snap peas, sliced cucumbers, cherries (dried or fresh), berries (but not blueberries!), clementines, apricots, plums, shelled nuts – pistachios, sunflower, cashews, and pecans, hard-boiled eggs, laughing cow cheese, marinated mozzarella, super-sharp cheddar, Swiss, Wensleydale with fruit in it – cheese in general (except bleu or Roquefort), lemon anything, wheat thins and nut-thins crackers. Seafood is preferred over other meats – but Her Excellency is fine eating vegetarian….and grazing and snacking are the BEST! Milk chocolate with crunchy things in it preferred over dark chocolate – and favorite is Ferraro Rochers, or Rafaellos.
Preferred Drinks: water (non-iced tap water, unflavored), sekanjibin, more water, very occasional sweet white wine, or port or limoncello, or whiskey.

Forbidden Foods:
Her Excellency is allergic to:
● Lavender.
● Cilantro
● Blueberries

Dunstan Stonehill

Dunstan is a Welsh Nobleman who is able to travel widely due to his extensive land holdings in Powys and Gwynedd. He has had adventures throughout England and Scotland, in France and Germania, and north as far as the Norse lands. As a result, his manner of dress tends to be quite eclectic, and spans many countries and centuries.

He is interested in music, brewing, leather and woodwork, spinning, weaving, naalbinding, knitting, and embroidery. He is especially fascinated by art or craft that he has not yet started learning!
His heraldic colors are black and gold, and his favorite color is green.

Heraldic blazon: Or, a bass cornetto and on a chief sable three bezants.

Preferred Foods:
Cheese and other dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.
His Excellency generally prefers to graze or eat several snacks rather than a single meal through the day, so a day board is always appreciated.
Special treats are small tastes of dark chocolate, smoky whisky, and dark beer, especially homebrews.
Preferred Drinks: water, coffee (flavored, with raw sugar, no cream), coca-cola (see below for allergies), ginger ale/ginger beer, lemonade, sekanjibin, fruit juices, iced tea
Dunstan has some limits on alcohol consumption but does enjoy small quantities of almost anything. He brews both mead and beer and loves to discuss all kinds of brewing.

Forbidden Foods:

• Artificial sweeteners of any kind, including natural low- or zero- calorie sweeteners like Stevia or Monkfruit
• Soy
• More than one serving of alcohol at one sitting

Food Dislikes:
His Excellency has an adventurous palate, and will try almost anything once.