Baronial Whims

Our Baronial Whims
Your company is the greatest gift we could receive! We love to hear your latest adventures,
victories, or lessons learned.

Her Excellency loves music. Please share your pieces and performances with her.

Head Retainer: Ahmed Mustafa. If you are interested in retaining, please contact them at 210-243-4461 (Before 9pm) or by email at:

Largess Donations are always welcome. We would love to show your work to the
populace of our Kingdom.
Handmade items are best but any contribution in our colors of red and white or bearing the
bull are welcome.
Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.

Dietary and Health Concerns
Baron Wulff:
Enjoys meat, potatoes, and most vegetables.
Also enjoys lemonade, iced teas, and occasionally hard ciders.
Food must be prepared separately from any and all tree nuts.
Processed foods should be prepared in a nut-free facility.
Dishes that do not contain nuts should be prepared on a clean, nut-free surface

Baroness Genefe:
Loves foods and flavors of all kinds.
Occasionally enjoys both red and white wines.
Avoids milk and creamy sauces.