Marshal in Charge: Lady Sanada Akime

Rapier Schedule
Authorizations (Rapier and C&T)
Rapier field
Swiss 5 into double elim.
Each form (Single, Sword and Dagger, Sword and Rigid, Sword and Soft Parry, Case) may be used once. When all forms have been used, fighters may repeat. The pools will run best 2/3 fights. Doubles count as a loss for both fighters and will only be refought if there is a tie. The pools will cap at 10 fighters. Winner will report to MoL.
The top 8 fighters will continue to a double elimination tournament. They may only use the forms in which they won. Each form a fighter is eligible to use must be used before a form can be repeated. This may change to the top 16 depending on attendance and at the Marshal’s and MoL’s discretion.
Lunch Break/Field Set Up
Pandora’s Melee

C&T Field
Single Sword Round robin
Sword and Offensive Round robin
Sword and Defensive round robin
Open round robin (Restricted to single handed blades only)
2 hander round robin
C&T Invitational Double Elimination Tournament.
Top 2 fighters from the Single Sword, Sword and Offensive, Sword and Defensive, and Open are invited.

The C&T Field will be open for C&T and Rapier pickups at the conclusion of the Invitational Tournament.