Feast Information: Head Cook Lady Grace Whyting (MKA) Kristi Kelly

 Cake, oh yes, there will be cake!

 Baronial Birthday Menu

 Stierbach Cook’s Guild

 1st Course

 Salat of fresh greens - V

 Roasted Squash  - V

 Roasted Quail w/bacon


 Savory Flan with Ginger Lemon Sauce - V

 2nd Course

 Roasted Beef with Camiline Sauce

 Mashed Minted Pease - V

 Lasanis – (cheese lasagna) – V


 Fromage Blanc with honey & fruit compote – V

 3rd Course

 Roasted Pig with Sage Sauce - N

 Roasted Duck

 Emplumeus de Pomes (apple sauce w/almond milk) V & N

 Cepa sub cinere (Roasted Onions) V

 Savory Toasted Cheese with Roasted Bread

 4th Course

 Fritters & Honey

 Tarts of Fall Fruits


V – Vegetarian

N- Nuts

Please note:
- Those with allergy concerns, please email your concerns to the Feast Steward, Lady Grace Whyting (MKA) Kristi Kelly, who can be reached at 540-454-1819 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- There will be a lunch fundraiser at this event, but it is not run by the event staff nor covered by event or feast fee's.  
- We will be having the traditional Baronial Birthday cake at the break for lunch which all are welcome to partake in at no cost.