Archery Marshals in Charge: Chris Lestrange and David of Stierbach

"Come, have fun out at the archery range with us! We will be giving out "tokens" for everyone that comes out to shoot and/or participate and you will be encouraged to bet against your fellow archers and friends with your tokens. At the end of the day, we will be giving out awards to those that have been able to acquire a lot of said tokens. There may also be some prizes that you can buy with the tokens after the awards have been given out. There will be a lot of Holiday themed and fun moving targets to shoot at. For the youth, we will have a stuffed animal shoot and you will be able to keep what you kill(shoot). The awards, prizes, and times that the "tokens" will have to be turned in will be shown at the event. 
 Chris and David"



Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge: Master Kryss

more information to follow