Artisans, Scholars and Performers of Atlantia: 

Pay Heed!


You are hereby invited to share Beauty, Knowledge, Skill and Wonder  

with the Barony of Stierbach  

at our Baronial Birthday on Saturday, October 8, 2022!  



Who can enter? 

All members of the populace of all ages are  welcome to bring entries, whether for competition or for display! 


Competitive Entries: Create your best interpretation of Charging of the Crimson Bull 

(Prizes will be awarded for best in each category) 

  • Expert Level  
  • Moderately Experienced Level 
  • Novice Level 
  • Child/Youth Level (…may be split into two categories, depending on the number of entrants) 

Entering for display only:  

Share an item or performance - or two! – to demonstrate the skill and talent of Our Barony’s populace. It can be a finished piece, or one in progress – be inspired, and inspire others! 


What can I enter? 

Bring your latest example of artistry, skill, or scholarship to display! You may bring as many as three entries – but please contact THL Cynthia so that space can be arranged for your item or performance. 
(ladycynth  at  msn dot com) 


Do I have to provide documentation to enter or display? 

Short answer – no. :D 

Longer answer: …but it is encouraged. It helps viewers and judges to understand and appreciate an entry better if they know a little about what inspired it, why the artist decided to do things the way it was done for this project, and process used to create the entry. It also helps us as artists to articulate these things – and makes it more likely that we will improve the next time we dive in to a project! 

Documentation can be as formal or informal as you wish – and is not required at all! However, if you would like to learn a little about how documentation is done in the SCA, you are welcome to contact Lady Cynthia, (ladycynth  at  msn dot com), or you can look at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences website for help.